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Live is:
  • Edward Kowalczyk: July 16, 1971: Lead vocals and guitars
  • Chad Taylor: Nov. 24, 1970: Lead guitars
  • Patrick Dahlheimer: May 30, 1971: Bass Guitars
  • Chad Gracey: July 23, 1971: Drums
  • Adam Kowalczyk: Sept. 27, 1975: Rythem Guitar, vocals
    Live is one of the hardest working and one of the most under rated bands in rock history. Their music combines the soul searching spirtuality of their lyrics with the straight from the gut rock that has become the Live experience. Each album release has it's own truly unique sound and style, keeping the band from becoming boring and redundant.

    In the beginning, the founding members Chad Taylor, Chad Gracey, and Patrick Dahlheimer met and became friends at Edgar Fahs Middles School in York, Pennsylvania. At the encouragement of their music teacher Don Carns, the trio formed a band and called themselves First Aid. After losing local talent shows, the band recruit fellow classmate, Edward Kowalczyk to take over the lead vocals. He already had some experience singing in a choir.

    They would change their band name a few more times (Action Front, Paisley Blue, etc) before settling with Public Affection. In 1989, after graduating from William Penn High School and deciding to put off college, the band raised their own money and released 2,000 copies of Death Of A Dictionary. They produced DOAD themselves, and released it on their own Action Front lable.

    On one of their weekly trips to perform at the legendary punk club CBGBs, the president of Radioactive Records, Gary Kurfirst, is impressed by the band and signs them to his lable. The band then changes their name again, this time was permanent, to +Live+.

    Talking Heads Jerry Harrison is recruited to produce Live's first album. September 24, 1991 the EP 4 Songs is released. Operation Spirit starts getting air play on alternative and college radio stations. The video for Operation Spirit starts being played in heavy rotation on MTV. December 31, 1991 Mental Jewelry was released. Pain Lies On The Riverside is released and becomes a MTV Buzz Bin video. They also embark on the MTV 120 Minutes tour, and Mental Jewelry goes gold! Beauty Of Gray and Mirror Song also become minor hits off this album.

    April 24, 1994 Throwing Copper is released. The first single Selling The Drama becomes the first hit from their new album.The chilling ballad Lightning Crashes is released and becomes a huge hit, becoming Live's signature song. The album also produced other hits such as I Alone, All Over You, and White, Discussion. The album would eventually go platinum at least eight times or more. In 1995 Live wins the 1994 Rolling Stone Readers Poll for the best band of that year, and they grace the cover of that issue.

    February 18, 1997 Secret Samadhi is released and debuts at #1! This time the album is produced by Jay Healy, and this album has a darker heavier edge then their previous albums. They release singles and videos of Lakini's juice, Freaks, and Turn My Head. Turn My Head becomes a huge FM radio hit. The same year they play in front of a huge crowd at the Tibetan Freedom Concert at Carnagie Hall.

    October 5, 1999 the bands fourth CD "The Distance To Here" is released. They go back to Jerry Harrison to help them produce this album. It debuts at #3, and the first single "The Dolphin's Cry" becomes a hit. They also release "RUN To The Water" and "They Stood Up For Love" as singles. In February of 2000, their friend and one of their managers, Peter Freedman dies from complications of pnuemonia in Florida. Summer of 2000, Live and The Counting Crows team up for a successful co-headlining tour.

    September 18, 2001 Live release their fifth album (roman numeral)"V". This time Alain Johannes produces their album. Simple Creed is the first single released from this album. Unfortunately the album is released exactly one week from the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States. A cameraman who was filming the World Trade Center disaster adopts Live's song "Overcome" as the background to his video, and releases it on Camera Planet, and also ends up being played on the video channels. The song is quickly released, and dedicated to the victims and rescue workers who were affected by this tragedy.

    Also in 2001 Live hits the summer festival circuit, with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus. Staind, Lifehouse, etc. They also record "Forever May Not Be Long Enough" for "The Mummy Returns" soundtrack which includes an exclusive video on the VHS/DVD release of the film. In November Good Rockin' Tonight: A tribute To Sun Records is released, in which Live did a cover of Johnny Cash's "I walk the Line".

    And more to come....